Photographer: Ines Papert

Ziel am Fitz Roy

Patagonien im Winter

Ines Papert flew to Patagonia with her son Emanuel, Paolo Marazzi and Luka Lindić in August. She spent the first half of her trip with her son and Marazzi in the mountains surrounding the climber's town of El Chalten. The exceptional German alpinist wanted to show her son the impressive mountains of the region and climb some routes with him.

Together they were able to climb the mixed route Super Domo on Cerro Domo Blanco with the exception of the last pitch. The final leg of the tour was completely free of ice and therefore not climbable. It was an amazing experience for Papert's son Emanuel, for whom this was his first mixed route. Papert's next goal was Cerro Solo due to the ongoing bad weather. They began their ascent in the early morning and took their skis with them. Perfect snow conditions allowed them to descend the entire mountain skiing. It was a unique experience for the whole team. Emanuel had to leave for Germany after a few more days spent bouldering because he had to be back home in time for the start of the new school year.

Ines Papert and Luka Lindić remained in El Chalten, hoping for better weather. Their intent was to climb Fitz Roy via a route that was first climbed in 1983. Slovenian alpinist Silvo Karo and his team summited via the Devil's Dihedral. No other rope team has been able to repeat the climb.

Papert and Lindić dug a snow cave at Passo Superior to be able to quickly start climbing the route in case of improved weather conditions. After three days of continuous snow fall the weather did get better, but only for a very short time. In addition, massive amounts of snow had piled up in their planned route. They decided to climb the steep, 400m high couloir at Aguja Val Biois instead.

In the following weeks they attempted the climb one more time. Unfortunately they had to abort their mission half way up at Aguja Mermoz because there was too much snow and too little ice in the remaining part of the route.

Papert and Lindić had to leave Patagonia with a bitter taste since they could not accomplish what they had planned due to the bad weather. They will both use the knowledge they have gathered about the conditions and the climb on location to possibly attempt the route again in the not so distant future.