Ines Papert

Face to Face

90-minute live multimedia presentation by Ines Papert & Luka Lindič

Klaus Fengler & Alex Pfützner
Photo: Klaus Fengler & Alex Pfützner

They are partners, in the mountains and in life: Ines Papert and Luka Lindič.

“Face to Face” is the name of their new presentation. A small team of two, only climbing in their home mountains in Berchtesgaden/Germany- while the world stands still. And then in Alaska, a climbing road trip different than planned. But felt like a new beginning.

On summit of Mt. Huntington-Alaska

In the mountains, Ines and Luka are a flexible, very fast duo. Two climbers who know each other inside out. They understand each other without words, complement each other, push each other. The months of global lockdown have welded the couple even closer together. Her future in the mountains was temporarily put on hold, and big expeditions were out of the question. Travel stop. Their range of motion was limited to the Berchtesgaden mountains. The two rediscovered their homeland. They took a lot of time, found unknown jewels, new walls, routes - and felt a deep gratitude.

'Zauberflöte' in the Dolomites

Ines and Luka say, face to face, that we were and still are very lucky.

Because the longing stayed. And the wild determination to set off again at some point, into the mountains of the world. This is the case with alpinists. Alaska, they dreamed of for a long time. In the face of the pandemic, their values and expectations had changed.

Charlie, our motorhome on the Panamericana

For the globally traveling climbing couple, the long therm planed road trip traveling and climbing along the Panamericana Highway became something of a symbolic new beginning. Slowly and completely they got involved with the country, with its people. Face to face. In this way they learned about paths that nobody else knows, that they had never read about.

Climbing a new route in Alaska, Heart of Stone

Anyone who ventures into the remotest regions of Alaska has to be prepared for anything. Nature is wild, undeveloped, unyielding. But it rewards everyone who says goodbye to plans and embarks on unknown adventures. Like Ines and Luka. Face to face, with the wall. They experienced these unique moments of happiness on a difficult route on Mount Huntington. This only those know, who are brave and persevering and do not stop living dreams.

Climbing a new route in Alaska, Heart of Stone

Ines and Luka take their audience with them. They show wonderful recordings, tell exciting stories, finally live again. Face to face.


Face to Face is a live lecture with high-quality, breathtaking photos and videos that will take you on the unique journey of pro-alpinists Ines Papert and Luka Lindič as they climb some of the hardest and remote routes on the planet while mastering the unusual life of an intercultural family.

Full house in Ladek / Poland

Ines Papert

…is a world champion ice and mixed climber. She is one of the most accomplished alpinists and was the first woman to climb the mixed grade M11. Ines is 46 years old and mother of a 19-year-old son. Her home is in Germany/Berchtesgaden.

Ines Papert

Luka Lindič

…is one of the most successful young alpinists of our time. He was awarded the Piolet d' Or in 2014 of his ascent of the north face of Hagshu in India. He has since established a number of hard routes in China, India, Canada, and Europe, several of them first ascents and first free ascents. Luka is 32 years old. He was born in Celje, Slovenia and lives in Berchtesgaden together with Ines and Manu.

Luka Lindič