Ines Papert


Have visions, pursue goals, live dreams

Since the beginning of my work as a professional climber I have always enjoyed giving talks, whether it be to a large audience or to a smaller crowd, in German or in English.

Thomas Senf
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Presentation Dates

"This gives me the opportunity to inspire others and motivate people to realize their dreams and enhance their lives. Sometimes seeing a different perspective is enough to find new directions - in everyday life and in the mountains!"

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Diverse Presentations: for public or corporate events

As a speaker, Ines Papert is very much in demand throughout Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy, as well as in English speaking countries. When recounting her amazing adventures—dramatically illustrated with excellent imagery and exciting films—she leaves many spectators breathless. Never pretentious, Ines always succeeds in sharing her enthusiasm and spectators depart her presentations inspired and full of motivation. Comfortable presenting to hundreds of people, one of her great pleasures and main priorities is sharing the parallels between mountaineering objectives and business goals to corporate audiences.

Ihre Erzählungen sind immer von grosser Authentizität: Sie ist gleichermassen ehrlich, natürlich und echt in ihrem Bergsteigerberuf sowie im Alltagsleben unterwegs! Manch einer geht nach einem solchen Vortrag von neuer Motivation erfüllt nach Hause. Neben öffentlichen Anlässen, bei denen sie oft vor Hunderten von Menschen von ihren Erlebnissen erzählt, liegt einer der Schwerpunkte ihrer Tätigkeit bei Unternehmens- und Business-Referaten. Denn zwischen ihrem Bergsteigen und der Geschäftswelt gibt es viele Parallelen.

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Transition between tension and relaxation

Feeling burned out? Unfortunately, almost everyone knows this state nowadays, especially in the business world. We also know that we can not obtain maximum results while in this overburdened state. For Ines Papert the balance between tranquility and tension is an important issue for peak performance; as an athlete she constantly seeks the perfect equilibrium so she can reach new goals and protect her body from injury.

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Expeditions are times of maximum tension and stress, which is always preceded by an exhausting planning and training phase. The post-expedition rest phase is extremely important in order to be prepared for future goals and to build new motivation. Ines Papert talks about how to approach this strategy the correct way, so we can find the proper balance to grow and succeed.

Have visions, pursue goals, live dreams

What makes a successful company? It starts with objectives, visions and dreams. Then comes the decision to pursue them with the utmost determination. The key to success in the business world, as in the mountains, is meticulous preparation. For Ines Papert this means hard, diligent physical training to build muscle power, and maintaining mental clarity to deal with every detail when reaching for the goal.

She must evaluate the hazards and risks in advance and carefully assess every situation so that she can go fast, be smart in every situation—even life threatening ones—and be ready to respond quickly with innovative solutions. Her goal is to never lose focus and to anticipate what is to come.

Even with this preparation she needs one thing above all else: a tremendous amount of discipline, and the same can be said of any business strategy. A prerequisite for this is a passion for the objective, but also a positive attitude towards life. We must learn to conquer our doubts, by pushing beyond them and always believing in success.

Risk management and team leadership

Once underway, the expedition leader must succeed in bonding the team together and lead them as a good manager. For Ines Papert specifically, this means she often takes the lead herself. She wants to transmit her passion and confidence to the team—a talented group connected by a common thread—which must be marked by harmony and friendship in order to succeed.

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To be a credible leader she must have the perfect physical and mental preparation, as well as the highest levels of skill and experience to make vital decisions in a split second. This also means not losing sight of risks: Fear is inevitable, and beneficial in healthy measures, the trick is being able to handle it.

Searching for creative new ways

In critical situations, deadlocked behavior patterns must often be broken, creating space for new tactics and solutions. In order to advance into new territory, to explore the unknown, and to push your limits, one must also be prepared for the possibility of failure.

Only in retrospect, does defeat often provide an opportunity to re-target prospects and restructure priorities. Ines Papert discusses her thoughts and feelings, speaking very candidly about her daily life as a top athlete and mother while highlighting the parallels between extreme mountaineering and the business world, and of how she always manages to cope with extreme situations to reach new goals.

Her customized lectures, whether for a handful of people or a hall full of spectators, are always a source of inspiration!