Ines Papert

The Alpinist - The journey of Ines Papert

It all starts with a goal.

And then the decision to consistently tackle its implementation.This begins with preparation.Only then is it time to set off.

Archiv Ines Papert
Photo: Archiv Ines Papert

Ines Papert used to be a competition climber, one of the best in the world. Ice and rock are her elements. Today, the professional mountaineer is driven to go where no one has gone before her. Mountains all over the world, between South America and the Berchtesgadener Land. Her new lecture portrays the life of a successful sportswoman, a single mum and a wife who climbs in a double pack. These are the retrospectives, insights and outlooks of a great alpinist, always in search of new verticals.


Competitions on ice, that's where it all began. Ines Papert became world champion four times, even leaving the male competition behind. Her strengths: strength, huge talent, absolute willpower. She is one hundred per cent focused at the decisive moment - even with baby Emanuel in tow. Because Ines Papert is a single mum and a professional. She says: "The fact that I was able to show my son the world as a child is an absolute enrichment for his life. And for our relationship.


Alpine climbing replaces her competitive days. Big wall climbing in Patagonia, expeditions in women's teams, often just the two of them. It is the supreme discipline of mountaineering, pure adventure. The eye that immediately recognises the line in the mountain. It's not the well-known but the unknown destinations that entice you. Where you are alone. In direct confrontation with the mountain, the alpine dangers. Knowing full well that the indescribable summit moment will make you forget all your exertions.

Ines Papert also learns what it means to fail. An accident on the south face of the Marmolada influences her life, her attitude and her tolerance for risk. Flexibility in her choice of route and waiting for the right and safe conditions become even more important to her. On her third attempt on Kyzyl Asker in China, she met the top Slovenian mountaineer Luka Lindič. She finally reaches the summit with him. They become a team, on the mountain and in life.


Together, they plan new routes along the Pan-American Highway, from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego. But corona intervenes. They can only complete the first section, filming with their own camera, emotionally and up close. Thwarted by the pandemic, they discover new terrain together, on their doorstep, in Berchtesgadener Land and in Istria, where they renovate two old stone houses on their own. For themselves, for friends, for mountaineers from all over the world.

"The Alpinist" not only shows the sporting aspect of an exceptional climber. It is the image of a strong woman who goes her own way on the rock and in life. And who wants to convey to her audience exactly that: that it is always worth pursuing your dreams and goals.