During the Harbin Ice Festival 2011. No Chance that I would have a swim in -25C. I do admire those guys a lot. @arcteryx @blackdiamond @lowa_boots @julbo_eyewear @edelweissropes_usa #harbin #harbinicefestivalAn other shot of climbing those beautiful buildings made out of Ice at the Harbin Ice Festival 2011 in China. #celebratewild #lovelowa #lyofood #julboathlete #liveclimbrepeat #harbin #harbinicefestival @arcteryx @blackdiamond @lowa_boots @julbo_eyewearThis photo was taken by @studiofranzwalter during the Harbin Ice Festival (China) in 2011. After months of paperwork we got the permission, to climb those beautiful buildings. Thanks to @jsalps for the unique idea. There was a photo exhibition by @arcteryx and now all the high quality prints are available for a donation to a charity project in Karakoram-Himalaya. www.himkara.de  During the next days I will post details- in case you are still trying to find christmas gifts. I truly hope for everyone’s support, the money will be well invested into the education of kids and young people in Pakistan. #celebratewild #lovelowa #liveclimbrepeat #lyofood #womenwhoexplorePeople keep asking, how do I deal with the cold. It’s simple explained. The faster the Team is on the mountain, the warmer you feel. But when you climb difficult technical terrain, it often takes time. This is, when you have a hard time ignoring the cold. For some reason I do forget about the annoying moments. Only the good memories stay behind. @arcteryx @blackdiamond @lowa_boots @julbo_eyewear @lindicluka @lyofood #celebratewild #lovelowa #liveclimbrepeat #alpineclimbingDo you ask yourself sometimes, what rope to bring on an alpine climb? I do adapt to the situation. If its a very technical route and a multiple day adventure, I prefer to use a single rope and a tagline. Make sure you bring enough extension draws, to avoid rope drag. For single day ice climbs I normally use 2x half or twin ropes. But when using twinropes you should doubble clip in any pro. photo: Thomas Senf #edelweissropes #celebratewild #liveclimbrepeat #lyofood #iceclimbing #alpineclimbingThe right gear helps me to get where I want. But the skills you bring, are even more crucial. The best gear allone doesn’t get you where you want. When we talk about the right boots for Ice and alpine climbing, make sure the right sizing. I prefer to wear slighty bigger boots than my normal size. Pressure on your toes will only provide cold feet. The more you can move them, the warmer they are. They still need to be precise. Sometimes the thickness of your socks can change everything. photo: Thomas Senf  @lowa_boots #lovelowa #celebratewild @arcteryx @blackdiamond @edelweissropes_usa @lyofood #womenwhoclimbThis climb in Senja Island was still a ‚test run’ with the new @blackdiamond Reactor Ice Tool. Since now it is available to everyone. It’s the best tool, when you like to climb steep ice, mixed or alpine. Some time ago I used to travel with 2 pair of tools but this is definitely the past. My good old Fusions might stay home from now on. But I will never give them away, since there are to many memories attached;) I am curious to get some feedback of you guys out there about the new tools. During the next days I will share more inside information about my favorite gear. The short days might make you think about it as myself, to prepare yourself for the winter season. photo: Thomas Senf #liveclimbrepeat @arcteryx #julboathlete #lovelowa #womenwhoexploreApproaching, climbing difficult terrain, screaming barfeet, changing plans, climbing easier instead, summiting. This is, what I appreciate a lot climbing with my partner @lindicluka. Always open minded and never frustrated. #celebratewild #lovelowa #liveclimbrepeat #julboathleteSo excited about the upcoming winter season. We had an early start into the alpine, unfortunately in poor conditions . Tried—- bailed—- tried again somewhere else. Finally we managed to climb something small but entertaining on the Aiguilles Dorées in Switzerland. Tête Biselx 3509m Northface. Yep, dear winter I feel ready for you! #celebratewild #lovelowa #julboathlete #liveclimbrepeat #edelweissropes #womenwhoexplore #alpineclimbing #champexThis is an update from Chamonix: Conditions were totally against our plans on Grandes Jorasses Northface. The new layer of snow did not help at all, nearly no ice on the slabs and spindrift all the time on Pte Marguerite. If someone is planing an alpine route these days, any exposure than north in the higher ranges might be better.  The 0 degrees level was only raising up to app. 2600m. Nevertheless we had some great days out there. It’s always worth trying. #celebratewild #lovelowa #julboathlete #liveclimbrepeat #chamonixExploring the conditions on Grandes Jorasses Northface.  It’s always good to start the day without being hungry. Curious if you also like the new @lyofood breakfast. #celebratewild #lovelowa #julboathlete #liveclimbrepeat #womenwhoexplore #alpineclimbing #mountaineeringIt’s about time to sharpen your tools and crampones. The higher ranges in the ALPS are geting in conditions;) #womenwhoexplore #celebratewild #lovelowa #alpineclimbing #lyofood #edelweissropes #liveclimbrepeatFrom dirt grow the flowers ! By slowly renovating this nearly 100 years old Stonehouse in Istria the enthusiasm for alpine climbing during the upcoming winter season went back. We had a very close call on Shishapangma last spring where some distance to the alpine dangers was needed. This project in Croatia helped me to recover from the shock. It was a useful break but climbing without the alpine is only half of the fun. Very soon we will say hello the a big alpine face again. Today @lindicluka and I have a packing session and heading west during the next days. If you don’t find any posts during next week, it’s because we need to focus on climbing #celebratewild #lovelowa #julboathlete #liveclimbrepeat #womenwhoexplore #edelweissropesThis was my last ‚test run‘ with the new @lowa.outdoor alpine pro gtx boots and the new @arcteryx Alpha FL Jacket before some meetings tomorrow in Jetzendorf and Graching (muc). Looking forward to an exchange of Ideas with the @lowa.outdoor Pro Team. This picture was taken by @lindicluka on the world famouse Watzmann East Face, when we climbed the Route ‚Salzburger Weg‘ in semi Winter conditions yesterday. #lovelowa #celebratewild #liveclimbrepeat #julboathlete #lyofoodSalzburger Weg. This is right at the start of the 2000m Watzmann Eastface. Thanks @lindicluka for taking those photos. Love them all. #celebratewild #lovelowa #liveclimbrepeat #lyofood #julboathlete24h ago we were just near the summit of Watzmann Südspitze after we have climbed Salzburger Weg. Conditions have been quite tricky but it’s so rare that you can still climb those faces at that time of the year. No summer and no proper winter yet. @lindicluka has now completed to climb all the summits of the Watzmann Range. With the Watzmann Family Traverse we did all the others last winter. I am curious, who of you guys climbed every single summit? #celebratewild #lovelowa #julboathlete #liveclimbrepeat #edelweissropes #lyofoodIt’s been my first time, that I have climbed ‘Direkte Gelbe Mauer’ on Untersberg, after most of the bolts have been removed from @alexander_huberbuam and @thomashuber_buam  back in the days. Now its a nice litte adventure again in front of our home door. Pure fun in a good style. #celebratewild #lovelowa #julboathlete #lyofood #liveclimbrepeat #edelweissropesWe are making some progress in Istria. Our nearly 100 years old stonehouse will need some more restauration, to be able to host climbers one day. Our doors will be open to everyone. #celebratewild #lovelowa #liveclimbrepeat #lyofood #edelweissropes #womenwhoexplore

Climber in Rock and Ice

Ines Papert

What fascinates me about climbing? To explore new territory! What makes me strong? Physical power, innate mental fortitude and emotional strength, decisiveness and endless curiosity. As well as enjoying quality personal time, which I experience at home with my son, family and friends, and on the road with a team.