Ines Papert

Ice Climbing Competitions

I have been part of it, from the very beginning of the Events.

Competitive sports shaped my later career enormously.

Archiv Ines Papert
Photo: Archiv Ines Papert

Ice is a medium that I thoroughly enjoy. With ice, I have so much to be grateful for. In 1999, I took time off from my profession - I worked as a physiotherapist – to commit myself to a whole year of climbing. At that time, I did not predict, that it would be the final farewell to the professional life that I knew. Like so often in my life, everything worked out differently. I became pregnant. In 2000, my son Manu was born. This meant that I could no longer go on long trips. Hence, I started looking for an alternative, where I could be a good mother to my son and still pursue my great passion. The newly founded Ice climbing World Cup allowed me to combine both desires. Without any great expectations, I travelled to the first events. During my six year involvement with the World Cup series, I was able to win four World Championships, 13 single World Cups and the overall World Cup Series three times. I always brought my little baby Manu with me to the weekend competitions. I was a very happy mother and a successful sportswoman. Suddenly, I was able to support myself with prize money and sponsorship agreements.

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